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Jumat, Agustus 26, 2011

My love, how happy I am at your side

When a life filled with love and affection, spoken in the soul. Whispering intimate words to those we love, "My love, how happy I am disisimu." Happiness That raises a sense of comfort and tranquility and peace in our bodies. A sense of peace and happiness is not something that comes by chance but was designed and planned by God with the very mature. Peace and happiness are born because of love. Feelings of affection in the husband and wife "breathed" by God into their hearts and that is proof of how God is very powerful for us. 
Day by day we are wading Mahligai households, spread the colors and fragrant flowers fragrant scent as we first meet someone we love. So wonderful look at him as he slept, while smiling, angry, happy and laughing in the dressing suffering family. Sometimes so tightly grasping fingers, but not infrequently crashing wind and pouring rain as flood waters hit make us separate and distinct place shelter ornate mirage. Dance with glow-kunag without light, her face veiled, sometimes we do not recognize it anymore, we take care wholeheartedly with love and affection as a gift from God. 
So while we take care love and affection that has been breathed into our hearts, happiness and peace we will feel. We also express with wholeheartedly, "Honey, how happy I am disisimu" but on the contrary, if we stigmatization with lust anger the peace and happiness never materialized. God has given a beautiful garden decorated with colorful and fragrant scent so that we can create peace in our lives. Furthermore, we ourselves are given the freedom to take part in efforts to achieve peace is by way of caring for and does not injure the feeling of love and affection. While we take care of our wounded hands often exposed spines. If we understand, we will not complain when we treat our love our homes because of love of God strengthens us through the sharp thorns of life, all it teaches us patience and trains us to remain strong and sturdy in the face of problems. 
"And among the signs of greatness is that He created for you from jenismu own pair so you tend to and reassured him and he made ​​among you a sense of love and affection. Verily in this is truly there are signs for people who think." (Surat ar-Rum: 21). 

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