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Rabu, Juni 29, 2011

Miracle Prayer Salvation From Disaster

Prayer miracle saved him from death is real, God provides help it when she was desperate to be tip of the corridor of death. One father recalled that he suffered from inflammation of the gallbladder. even the doctor says pain is difficult to cure. At first he felt a chill at his feet up to the thighs, belly up to the fontanel. The cold was going so slowly. Imagined lives are already threshold of death, he said with tears in their eyes. Past all the dirty deeds and sinful visible all. Since childhood he was brought up with religious observance. Finished high school he went to the Capital, his life goes so very fast.Initially a small business that pioneered the clothing trade moving forward. 
Success in business has changed his life ever make much of religion. Nightlife and the liquor have made ​​him complacent. He realized the pain condition even worse. Lying in Hospital. The pain was so very extraordinary that she felt took her in the hallway of the boundary between life and death. He saw his own reflection. He saw past life like seeing a movie actor is himself. Everything looks so clear and real. How he had squandered his wife and children due to obey the pleasure. Until she sobbed regret all the folly he had done. Beg forgiveness of God for his actions and apologized to the children, his wife. That's when he asked his wife and his wife immediately rushed to the House Amalia shodaqoh that God was pleased to give her husband's healing. At that moment when ill whack, despair, lost hope of making life miserable. Unrest enveloped his heart. After the inspection is likely to have surgery, but waiting for the results of X-ray. Known only does it make it a panic. how could not surgery, his body still ached. He could only surrender, only to God begging for help. 
Hospital, the light was lit, operating as though it is definitely done. He is relentless beristighfar, beg forgiveness of God. Soon a doctor came in, carrying the results of X-ray. Take off the gloves and the doctor told him. 'Father, according to the results of the examination. Dad did not need surgery. "'Subhanallah' He can hardly believe. It was amazing. He sobbed happily. How beautiful life is to receive the gift of hope when it began to vanish. his eyes appeared glazed full of compassion. 'I believe children's prayers heard by God Amalia, thank you O God for your gift. " Not stopping to say hamdalah. Compassion and happiness radiated from his face.

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