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Jumat, Mei 20, 2011

Do not underestimate your Mood

By: M. Agus Syafii

Never underestimate your mood because if the liver is in bad condition, can be harmful to health can even result in death, according to research from Dr. Ghanshyam Pandey from the University of Illinois, Chicago, recently cases of poor health and hasten death in the community because it was triggered by a bad mood. Conditions worsening of mood caused by many factors, such as despair, discouraged at the first glance is not dangerous but can be fatal. General disturbance associated with moods worsened in several forms such as sleep disorders, skin disorders, stomach disorders, blood pressure, colds, migrants, headaches accompanied by nausea and visual impairment, a number of bone disease, kidney imbalances, respiratory difficulties , allergies, heart attacks and brain membengkakan, of course not all types of disease associated with mood naturally but has been proved that the cause of such health problems were more due to psychological factors.

Despair, frustration, depression and various types of disease that afflicts many people is the mood which is always overwhelmed by anxiety due to feelings such as anxiety, fear, insecure, emotional outbursts of excessive and various pressures that damage the body's equilibrium. When someone gets the pressure or load beyond the limit of his ability, their bodies react and sound the siren as an alarm that triggers biochemical reactions in the body, andrenalin levels increase, the reaction of the body rises, sugar, cholesterol and fatty acids to move into the blood stream, blood pressure increased and pounding heartbeat. Glucose walked to the brain, cholesterol levels rise, and all these make the body worse.

Therefore, do not underestimate your mood because of the deteriorating mood alter the normal functions in the body. It can be fatal to the health of your body. Increasing the negative impact andrenalin and cholesterol above the normal threshold in a long time span, such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, injury to the wall digestive, respiratory diseases, eczema, psoriasis affects even the killing of brain cells. All the changes that occur in the body of a previously healthy state to a condition called sick body image distortion or 'Distortion of body image' is the impact of the deteriorating mood that attack the body's health condition.

So this is where the importance of peace and quiet is not only comforting but also makes your body become healthy. Peace and quiet you can only be found with closer to Allah, the closer you are to God to always remember Him, the more easily your hearts find satisfaction. 'Among those who believe and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah manjadi. Remember, only the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction. " (Surah Ar-Raad 28).

M. Agus Syafi

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